Setup Information

What Women Want expo

Dixie Center Convention Center

May 3 & 4, 2019

Setup Thursday NOON-7:00p.m

Show hours Friday 10am-8pm

Saturday 10 am – 6pm

Your Booth # is:_________________

Setup: We are so excited to have you join us for the fall What Women Want expo.  Setup in Thursday from noon until 7:00.  Please bring a dolly or a cart to move your items in.  The Dixie Center staff has a few but things go a lot easier if you have your own.  Your booth is 10x10 with black pipe and drape, a 6ft black skirted table, 2 chairs and a wastebasket.  When you arrive, please check in and receive your exhibitor stickers for the weekend. 

For each 10x10 space you will get 50 free tickets and an e-ticket.  Please write your name or booth number on the back of the stub portion and pass them out to family and friends and your customers to come to the show for free.  The one with the most tickets turned in will receive a FREE booth at the next show in May.  On the eticket, you can type your name/booth #on it and post it on facebook or email it out.

Parking is FREE!

Power, Internet and Phone lines: Please contact Cindy Curtis at 435-628-7003

Prize Giveaways:  We love to giveaway prizes and announce your Booth name over the intercom!  If you are interested in donation, please use a business card and on the back write your name, booth name, date and time you would like to do the giveaway and what the person would be winning.  We will then draw a name out of the bucket and have the winner bring the business card to you to get the prize.  It’s a second touch for you to have then see what you do!

SELLING: Please list the prices and have them visible of what you are selling!  The Utah State Tax Commission will be coming around with your tax rates and an envelope to mail your taxes for the event sales back to them.  Please return the form even if you are not selling within 10 days to avoid a penalty.

Move in and Move out: Exhibitors must man their booth during show hours.  The Spectrum nor the Dixie Center will be responsible for any theft.  All banners and materials used in decoration must be flame retardant.  No paper banners allowed.  No straw or paper bales, no open flame is permitted.  All accounts must be paid in full before move in.  There should be no hazardous materials of any kind be brought on to the premises of the Dixie Center.  Exhibitors must meet all fire and safety regulations.  Please be courteous of your neighbor and don’t block the line of sight.  No microphones are allowed.  Please use common sense and don’t leave laptops, money or valuables overnight.  You can cover your items with a sheet or curtain when you leave.  The expo is open to the public.  The responsibility for safeguarding your exhibit is your responsibility.  The back doors will open 1 hour prior to the show for vendors.  You must remain within the 10 feet of your booth during the show hours.  Everything must be within your space before the show can start.

FOOD:  We will have a nice selection of food and snack vendors at the expo!  We are so excited to have them join us.  Please make sure you visit them along the 800 isle and outside.

Alcohol:  No selling or drinking alcohol is permitted on the premises at anytime.  You will be asked to leave!

Tear Down: Will be from 6:00p.m. – 9:00 p.m. right after the event is over.  Thank you for joining us!

Questions?  Please call or email me at or 435-668-4358